Who we are

A group of ordinary guys with travel and freeride ambitions. We like to ride rugged terrain on more or less well-maintained trails and discover previously unknown territories.

Why bikepacking

The initial idea was simple, more time spent in the saddle, on the trail. We didn’t enjoy returning from the places we had just discovered every afternoon at dusk. We started thinking about multi-day expeditions. We discovered Bikepacking and started experimenting with attaching overnight gear to our trail bikes. The panniers available at that time did not meet our requirements, they were not compatible with our riding style


We test our panniers on trails and trail bikes in rugged terrain close to us. This corresponds to their durable design and attachment system. Durability, the possibility of replacing individual bag components and ease of use are the main pillars of their development. In rugged terrain, it willy-nilly sometimes falls, our bags have to withstand it.