CyclingCeramic was born in 2012, created by Yohann Proust. He is himself a cyclist and he always felt concerned and wanted the best equipment to go faster and further. He understood the importance of ceramic bearings. So he decided to launch his own company to allow, to any athletes looking for like him to improve his performances, to obtain the best equipment. Nowadays CyclingCeramic is focused on cycling.

At CyclingCeramic we work tirelessly to provide the best bearings on the market, we also work just as hard to make sure our customers receive an impeccable level of service and support. Each CyclingCeramic bearings is handmade to assure the best quality possible and the customer can expect expert, personalized support for the lifetime of the products.

Our spirit of excellence and innovation defines us drives all that we do. If you become one of the new owner of dealer of CyclingCeramic product, we thank you for using our bearings and if you are looking fo considering the purchase of an CyclingCeramic kit, welcome in the French revolution.

CyclingCeramic  is driven by obsession of quality

  • All Handmade in France : our final processing should be made by machine but we choose the craftmanship.
  • All our components are made in Europe, CyclingCeramic wants to be clear with their customers, that’s the reason we had choosen only the best quality with european suppliers.
  • Thinked & designed in our company : Since the begin of CyclingCeramic, all our products were worked & tested to give you the best. Innovation is a big strength of CyclingCeramic.
  • 2 years warranty : Because we are sure of the durability all our products are warranty for 2 years.
  • Official tests : Profesional tests were realized in neutral laboratories and with the Australian federation show a gain of watts 6 to 15 watts depending the material used.
  • Partner of top teams and triathletes made our products performing.
  • Compatible with almost all references of Wheels, drivetrain & BB: We create all our products for upgrading
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